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Let’s try this again, shall we?

I know I am skipping my regular Friday post too, but Wednesday’s post was too cool to skip and I can override my own columns because I am the boss of Laces and Lattes.


christmas-lightsToday I am going to talk about the best kept secret in Waterloo Region.

It all begins about half a year ago when I met Jen at AJ’s redesign party and I was instantly attracted to the fabulously fashionable woman with the awesome skin.

Jennifer is to the right.

Jennifer is to the right.

Turns out, the reason she had such amazing skin was she just so happened to own her own organic soap and skin care company. I knew I had to share her with you all, even back then.

After a long period of back and forthing, she moved to her brand spankin’ new location by the Princess Theatres on King Street and rebranded her store as The Truth Beauty Company. 

truthFor all you locals; she is to natural body care what DVLB is to coffee and whiskey. In short, a beautiful, eclectic curation of the cosmopolitan.

I was excited to stop by her new shop and have a chat with her about the location and rebrand.


Jessica: This is a beautiful location. A LOT bigger than your other shop. And the rebranding of your name from Olivier to The Truth Beauty Company! What was behind that process for you?

Jennifer: I played with quite a few names, for example, I thought of Green Envy for a while, but I felt as if people would misunderstand what I was. I also toyed with the idea of True Beauty but I find that is quite over done. I chose The Truth Beauty Company because it sums up everything I sell and everything I stand for. There will always be truth and beauty.

JK: How do your products align with the name?

J: I sell quality beauty products that only have natural ingredients in them. I scour the ingredient lists so my customers don’t have to – they know if they are coming here that they are buying quality and all natural products, no question. Also, when I buy products, they also look beautiful. They will be sitting on my vanity for half a year, I want them to look great there!


JK: How did your logo evolve with the move?

J: My designer chose the idea of “Grow” for my vision board. He had bold citrusy colours for the flowers and I needed to say no. I am a girlie girl so the softer colours were there to stay. I love being able to see myself when I look at my logo. And beyond that, my store. The details are so important to me; for instance, the wall paper behind the sign is hand drawn.


JK: You lived in Toronto for quite a while and the products you carry are certainly more cosmopolitan. Why Waterloo?

J: Well, I find that people in Waterloo are SO health conscious. I am connected throughout the region to many other health professionals and I find that people here care what they put into their bodies and onto their skin. It is only right to have all the products they need close by. That being said, I also do my best to keep it as affordable as possible. People should be able to afford to take care of themselves. 


JK: Speaking of products, any new favourites to share?

J: Yes! The Fig & Yarrow Aftershave for men. It smells DIVINE!


JK: What are the old favourites?

J: The lotions by The Soap and Paper Factory. My favourite scent is Bois de Cedrat.

truthOh, and this hairspray.  I want beautiful hair without ruining it with sulfates! This spray is weightless, but keeps your hair in place all day.


Jennifer is also the Waterloo Ambassador of She Takes on the Worldwhich is an international platform for young, successful women who own businesses. That should tell you the kind of person Jennifer is, and the kind of places that The Truth Beauty Company is going.

truthThe Truth Beauty Company46 King Street North, Lower Level, Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 2W8 | 


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