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Thanks for stopping by Laces and Lattes! My name is Jessica from Ontario, Canada and I am addicted to running and caffeine in that order. At this point, I don’t hang my hat on one particular distance in running, but I have explored the whole spectrum from varsity 5 km races to a 100 mile ultra marathon.



I haven’t always been a runner, in fact, as a child, I was absolutely useless at sports. I would spend recess eating twinkies instead of playing baseball, but it was after winning a track and field 1,000 metre dash by accident that I knew I had landed on something I could do!


I ran high school and varsity cross country and began to branch out into other types of running, getting more and more serious about it post graduation.



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Some of my greatest achievements in running have been completing two ultra marathons – my first one in 2010 with a distance of 50 km and another one in 2013 for a distance of 100 miles.

     When I am not running and drinking coffee, I work in marketing and advertising which translates into a lot of sitting. To combat this, I begin most of my mornings at the gym, teaching fitness classes. I have been a certified Canadian Fitness Professional through CanFitPro since 2012 and have taught everything from spin, pilates, boot camps, aerobics to a foam roll class! My personal favourite classes to teach are spin because it is fabulous cross training for running and bootcamps because you can stand and yell at people.

A huge motivator for me to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle stems from my sister, Jolene who has struggled with anorexia since the age of nine. Every run that I push through, every race I finish and every moment of discipline that I face, I think of her and her decade-long struggle with anorexia. As a result, you will read a lot about self acceptance, goal setting, team work and occasionally discussing eating disorders. I have a passion for females to embrace their beauty, their strength and their abilities and achieve more than they think possible.


Laces and Lattes is a blog about running and how it relates to life. I share the best tricks and tips I know from being a certified fitness professional and a runner myself.

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