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The Summit Seeker Winner

Excerpt from The Summit Seeker: Everybody missed the first Easter. They were sleeping. Or in church. Or going about their business. But Mary was right there. She knew where to look.  I love the part in the Bible where it says that Mary ran home that day from the tomb. After she told the disciples, […]


TYS10K Recap

Happy long weekend everyone! I hope you all are treating yourselves to a bit of a sleep in and relaxing morning. I know I am! Let’s talk about races, in particular, The Yonge Street 10 KM that I raced last weekend. I always learn something from races, especially the ones that don’t go well. This […]

Green Tea

Green Tea Sports Drink

It is about a month into the new job and I think I finally have the routine down pat. I wake up in the darkness at what most humans call Stupid O’clock and put on my running shoes. It’s go time. I eat like a teenaged boy, so it is the first thing I do […]


Part 2: It Band Syndrome – Treatment and Therapy

Well hello friends! What a weekend it has been. I apologize for spamming your instagram feed all weekend with pictures of the race weekend in Toronto but I had so. much. fun! I will post an official recap of the race along with my official race time. For right now, it’s time to dig back […]

Book Review_

Book Review: The Summit Seeker

When I read books, I often have a highlighter in my hand and I underline my favourite passages in a book. The Summit Seeker by Vanessa Runs is covered in neon. I “met” Vanessa online a number of years ago and I was absolutely blown away by her fearless free spirt. She and her partner gave […]


Is Trail Running Becoming Too Commercialized?

I began trail running in 2010 which seems to be around the time that most runners discovered this unusual sport. For me, I began running trails because one of my 60 year old coworkers at the time was a trail runner and he told me I hadn’t run a race until I ran a trail […]


Injury Series: The IT Band

Happy Monday, friends! I had quite the weekend. I covered 2 back to back 11 milers, went to a concert, participated in a pancake flipping contest and attended a work event for my new job. You know…the standard weekend. I have been getting a lot of questions about injuries lately and goodness knows I’ve had […]

April Playlist for Runners

April Interval Playlist

Good morning everyone! Hope you have had a fabulous week and are headed into a relaxing weekend. I am a busy weekend full of long runs, a couple dinners with friends and I am joining the RunWaterloo team to compete in a pancake flipping contest at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. Only in Waterloo Region would […]


On Defiance: Matcha Shots

Sometimes running can make me feel defiant. This winter, I have been wrought with injuries because I have been training outside and the combination of cold weather and slippery roads have been causing numb feet, cranky achilles and tight calves. I moved my training indoors so lately I have been drifting along on the treadmill […]


Goals for April 2014

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? I had a busy weekend full of two successful back to back long runs and lots of socializing!     I was loving the taste of spring weather that we had in Southwestern Ontario on Sunday and it made me realize that April is tomorrow, which means it’s […]