On Defiance: Matcha Shots

Sometimes running can make me feel defiant. This winter, I have been wrought with injuries because I have been training outside and the combination of cold weather and slippery roads have been causing numb feet, cranky achilles and tight calves. I moved my training indoors so lately I have been drifting along on the treadmill […]


Goals for April 2014

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? I had a busy weekend full of two successful back to back long runs and lots of socializing!     I was loving the taste of spring weather that we had in Southwestern Ontario on Sunday and it made me realize that April is tomorrow, which means it’s […]


A Perfect Shoe

One of the hardest things to find as a female athlete is proper shoes outside of running.  Unfortunately, being an athlete doesn’t always pay all that much, which means I spend the bulk of my days in an office setting where it is expected that I do not show up in running shoes and spandex. […]

C Punch Smoothie

Spring Greening

On Wednesday, I often talk about sports nutrition and today I’m going to chat about cleansing and clean eating. I will never be a food blogger because if it has over 5 ingredients, I probably will not take the time to make it. My weekday meals are almost identical with an odd ingredient swap here […]


Canada Running Series Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! After a solid 9 mile run on the treadmill (Yes, you read that correctly – I have moved my training indoors for a while to keep injuries at bay), Angela and I headed to Toronto for a weekend of food, friends and fun. Training has been a bit interrupted with injuries as […]

Zeal Optics Review

Zeal Sunglasses and Why I’m Not Cool

When it comes to fashion, if it is not functional, I will probably not wear it. I did my hair this morning, standing under a hand dryer positioned high on the wall at the varsity pool. I eat most of my dinners in running shoes and spandex because I’ve run in the house too hungry […]


Carbs and the Endurance Athlete

It is funny to me that something as innocent as carbohydrates have gotten so much heat in the media in the past number of years. Really, when you think about it – fat was the target only a few short years ago and it will probably be protein in 2020. As an athlete, it is […]


Yoga for Runners

Good morning, friends! How was your weekend? I had a fabulous and glowing return to running, renewed my CPR and spent some much needed time with friends! Last week, I had the pleasure to be involved in the first session of a Yoga for Runners workshop held at Urban Wellness Studio. The location is a […]