Injury Series: The IT Band

Happy Monday, friends! I had quite the weekend. I covered 2 back to back 11 milers, went to a concert, participated in a pancake flipping contest and attended a work event for my new job. You know…the standard weekend. I have been getting a lot of questions about injuries lately and goodness knows I’ve had […]

April Playlist for Runners

April Interval Playlist

Good morning everyone! Hope you have had a fabulous week and are headed into a relaxing weekend. I am a busy weekend full of long runs, a couple dinners with friends and I am joining the RunWaterloo team to compete in a pancake flipping contest at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival.¬†Only in Waterloo Region would […]


On Defiance: Matcha Shots

Sometimes running can make me feel defiant. This winter, I have been wrought with injuries because I have been training outside and the combination of cold weather and slippery roads have been causing numb feet, cranky achilles and tight calves. I moved my training indoors so lately I have been drifting along on the treadmill […]


Goals for April 2014

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? I had a busy weekend full of two successful back to back long runs and lots of socializing!     I was loving the taste of spring weather that we had in Southwestern Ontario on Sunday and it made me realize that April is tomorrow, which means it’s […]


A Perfect Shoe

One of the hardest things to find as a female athlete is proper shoes outside of running.¬† Unfortunately, being an athlete doesn’t always pay all that much, which means I spend the bulk of my days in an office setting where it is expected that I do not show up in running shoes and spandex. […]

C Punch Smoothie

Spring Greening

On Wednesday, I often talk about sports nutrition and today I’m going to chat about cleansing and clean eating. I will never be a food blogger because if it has over 5 ingredients, I probably will not take the time to make it. My weekday meals are almost identical with an odd ingredient swap here […]


Canada Running Series Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! After a solid 9 mile run on the treadmill (Yes, you read that correctly – I have moved my training indoors for a while to keep injuries at bay), Angela and I headed to Toronto for a weekend of food, friends and fun. Training has been a bit interrupted with injuries as […]

Zeal Optics Review

Zeal Sunglasses and Why I’m Not Cool

When it comes to fashion, if it is not functional, I will probably not wear it. I did my hair this morning, standing under a hand dryer positioned high on the wall at the varsity pool. I eat most of my dinners in running shoes and spandex because I’ve run in the house too hungry […]