The Worst Job Interview…ever

I like to view Fridays as an opportunity to go a bit off topic. I want to talk about something that everyone need to go through at some point in their life, especially the newly graduated. The Job Interview.  Instead of compiling a list of DOs and DON’Ts, I thought I would sum everything up […]


100 Miles of Wild Recap

A big thank you to all of you were so patient as I pressed a giant reset button and took a few weeks off of blogging to go on the Trek and get organized when I returned. This past Friday night, I spent that majority of the evening unpacking, organizing and going over the financial […]


The Return of the Coppi

It all started in 2011. Jesse had come to visit me in England and we wanted to do something epic. So we bought some road bikes for a day and adventures ensured.  Needless to say, when I returned, I bought a vintage Coppi which is an Italian bike with a European brake system. Love at […]


Raptors and Christmas!

Last week, Jesse met me at work and we headed in my little blue car for Toronto. We were headed to a Raptors Game sponsored by JustEnergy. I write an Environmental Athletics blog for work and JustEnergy invited me to check out the greening initiatives they have taken with the Air Canada Centre and to […]


the reason i am 80 on the inside

It is a fact universally acknowledged by my loved ones that I shut down at 10 pm. Of course this can be mildly mitigated by caffeine consumption (or ferociously depending on amount consumed..). Regardless, I stop making complete sense and stop talking as much. (Some have commented that this is their favourite time of the […]