When Runners Don’t Run

Lately, I have not been running. Unusual, considering the fact that running was one of the founding reasons that I started this blog. Not surprising considering the amount of exercise classes that I am teaching as the holidays approach. I think it is normal for runners to go through a hiatus. I find my year […]


Around the Bay Race Recap

Hello friends! I am surfacing from my essays, tests and projects to talk a bit about the race last weekend. My friend Leanne and I went down to Hamilton to the expo the day before the race to pick up our race packs and crash at Emma’s house for the night. To refrain from going […]


Exactly what they tell you not to do.

I am busily packing forĀ Around the Bay. This afternoon, Leanne, my long distance running partner in crime and I are headed to the race expo and to my good friend’s house who is letting us crash at her house so we don’t need to drive back for the race in the wee hours of the […]