Chia: The Sexiest Food In Running

No other food has become sexier in the ultra community than chia seeds. I mean, we’ve all read Born to Run. That blend of maize and chia seeds that fuelled the desert ultra runs of the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico is enough to make me want to throw out all my protein bars and gels and live the […]


Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Hi there! We have reached the end of another week and now it is fast tracking to Christmas! If you have neglected your Christmas shopping up to this point, relax, I totally have you covered. Buying for an athletic type on your list when you have no concept of the sport doesn’t have to be […]

My little high school runner self

Running Heros

When I was in high school, I took my first tentative steps towards the world of running. Little did I know, I was in some of the very best hands. I was a little uncertain when I tried out for cross country. I had waited until my final year to even consider it because of […]

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Why I run [long distances]

I wrote the original “Why I Run” post here. Some of the feedback I received was that you were “relieved to hear a true reason of motivation”. And that is just it, it is a deep motivation. Yesterday, I did my time trial with my varsity cross country team. I whined to our physical therapist […]