Goals for July

Well this post is a little late. I would say I cared but I don’t. I really don’t.
We are in the midst of a Canadian long weekend and I am in full out vacation mode. I went camping this past weekend and I had a wonderful weekend with friends full of sunsets, long trails runs, beach days and delicious food.

There was one evening when we all walked down to the beach to watch the sunset and someone remarked that it was the very best that Canada had to offer. I am so fortunate to live in a country where I can ran, play and explore to my hearts content. Oh Canada.


It is hard to believe that we are on the cusp of July, but it is time to take a look at my past goals and focus on a few fresh ones for this month.

In my goals for June, I wanted to:

1. Learn a new sport. A+

Honestly, I did so much more with this one that I ever imagined. I learned how to golf – I played in a tournament and went to the driving range regularly with friends. I have set up a weekly golf practice with a friend and I am looking forward to playing in another tournament at the end of August to see how I have improved.


2. Take some courses for work. D
I have begun them and have been working away at them, but I am not going to lie, I have flagged a little. Work has picked up and I am focusing on keeping up more than learning anything new.

3. Focus on sleep. C
I did SO well on this at the beginning of the month, but last weekend ruined everything. A 2 hour night of sleep, followed by a 4 hour night, settled nicely into a routine of about 6 or less hours. Don’t worry, I have been properly chastised by my coach and I am hoping to get back on track in July.

4. Increase my savings. A+
I am now on a first name basis with my financial advisor and I have come up with a robust savings plan. I have some big plans to buy ALL the things in the future and I am focusing on being a bit aggressive with savings now, because we ALL know I would spend it on running shoes if I wouldn’t save it.

5. Complete my first triathlon. A+
Nailed it! I had such a blast and I know this won’t be my last one. Read more about it here.


Ok, July. So, if I could have one theme for July, it would be PREPARATION.

1. Prepare for my marathon in 7 weeks.

I haven’t talked much about this on the blog, but I have been chose to race on the women’s team for ENDURRUN in the marathon leg. It was a bit sudden so I only have a 7 week cycle to build, taper and race this thing as hard as I can. This means I will be addressing things like running all the time, sleeping 8-9 hours and eating anti-inflammatory foods like never before. Basically, good bye friends. See you in September!

2. See my friends and family more:
I know this seems counterintuitive given the point above, but when I am not training, I want relaxed evenings with family and close friends. I want to push living back to 3rd or 4th gear this month and just focus on enjoying summer. It is easy to get caught up in training and work life and I guess what I am saying is I want BALANCE.

3. Settle into my new volunteering role:

I have joined a local organization called House of Friendship on the PR Committee which focuses on helping those in the local community with addictions and social issues. I am meeting with the organization to understand my role and figure out how I can be the best asset to the company.

4. Take mini-vacations:
When I am not racing, I am peacing out on some weekend trips including a beach day, a kayak trip and a cottage weekend with some of my best friends of life. Being Canadian is amazing, but our summer is too short and I want to soak it up as much as possible!


Caught meer-catting on the beach this weekend. Not a single care shall be given.

5. Take to the lakes and trails to prep for my adventure race.
I am doing my very first adventure race in Michigan at the beginning of August and I want to be prepared. I am upping my mountain biking and canoeing and getting super excited! I already am pulling a team together for another one in November!

Now if you excuse me, I am off to tackle the list.

What are your goals for July?


Sports Nutrition While Camping

This weekend, I am headed on a camping trip with friends for a final hurrah before donning my boots, coat and scarves. I have loaded my little car down with camping supplies and of course, running gear. I am looking forward to a weekend of music, friends and of course, the ever present training.

Now, recently I wrote on training while on vacation, but I wanted to focus on the importance of nutrition while away from your kitchen at home. This particular weekend is the perfect time as I am presented with the challenge of not only being without a fire to cook, but also without any type of refrigeration. (Don’t ever say I am high maintenance…)

As I am sneaking my training in amongst the camping fun, here are a few things I am taking on the trip to make sure I continue to perform my best!



Other than being on sale this week, this is a fabulous way to stay hydrated and a nice change from water. I normally have a hard time with coconut water, but I try really hard because I know it is good for me! The pineapple flavour really helps and it is high in potassium and a source of magnesium. Happy hydrating indeed!



I have my camping kale packed (which basically means a giant head of kale in a bag), a bunch of bananas and some green peppers. Basically super woman. I eat this stuff first to make sure that it stays fresh. I have nibbled mistakenly on browned kale a number of days into a trip before and it just wasn’t worth it…



Now, I understand this is a meal for most people, but bear with me here. If my food is pre-made, I like to make sure that it contains wholesome ingredients. I find most of mine in the health food section of the grocery store. (This was also on sale this week!)



I like to take a shaker bottle with some almond milk and favourite smoothie ingredients for the times that I am not hungry (which is almost never, but occasionally after a long run). It is a great way to stay hydrated as well.



I made a beans and rice meal to take with me that I can eat as a main dish. I literally threw things in a pot and started writing this post. So this happened:

aka Why I Will Never Be a Food Blogger

aka Why I Will Never Be a Food Blogger


I have been on a search for a bar that is amazing, filled with delicious whole foods but also contains the necessary qualities to not only fuel me through a long run, but basically kick me into turbo charge. After doing a lot of research, I think I have it! May I present to you..

northcoast naturals

Basically, I wanted something that would fuel me through the weekend, kick start me for a long run, recharge me in a race and taste like a treat, all the while, being super healthy and nutritious. Is that so much to ask!?

Not according to these people:

So what is this amazing recipe?

ultramarathoner bars

It is a perfect kick for athletes and if you are needing a bar to take with you on a hiking or back packing adventure, these bars store well and taste every bit as good the day after!

Why are they so nutritionally awesome? 

-Daily Cleanse is a fabulous source of fibre that is enriched with probiotics and prebiotics for a healthy digestive system.

-Chocolate Iso Protein is an all natural powder that is low in carbohydrates and fat, but absolutely rich in essential amino acids, the very building blocks of protein’s many benefits.

- Chia is a seed that contains omega-3 fatty acids are good sources of fibre, protein and antioxidants.

- Honey contains invert sugar that has the quality of providing instant energy when consumed and is a heart stimulant. 

-Almond butter is rich in antioxidants and a great source of healthy protein. 


Products were supplied by North Coast Naturals, but thoughts and opinions are my own. I only work with companies that I can fully support and have or would purchase outside of sponsorship. 

Check back on the last week of September for a giant North Coast Naturals giveaway to Laces and Lattes readers!

What are your favourite recipes when you go camping or hiking?