Trek into the Canyon

Good morning everyone, I hope all is well as we head into the Christmas week! I will be headed back home to the snow  tomorrow and I am not going to lie, I am kind of reluctant to leave the sun, heat and the gorgeous canyons of Arizona to come back and swap my bathing […]


Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Hi there! We have reached the end of another week and now it is fast tracking to Christmas! If you have neglected your Christmas shopping up to this point, relax, I totally have you covered. Buying for an athletic type on your list when you have no concept of the sport doesn’t have to be […]


12 Days for Good

Today marks the beginning of a special project that I am undertaking with the House of Friendship in Kitchener-Waterloo called the Twelve Days for Good.  Alongside 11 other “do-gooders” in the KW community, I have committed to putting aside the hustle and bustle of the season and focus on the needs of my neighbours. The […]


October Goal Check in and 5 More for November!

Hi there! Hope you had a fantastic weekend full of relaxing or in some of your cases, running marathons!! I had a busy weekend taking some weekend extended learning courses, spending time with family and working at NIGHT\SHIFT, a project that I have helped create at my job. As we head into a time change […]


Ending 2012 With a Bang.

Friends. What a wonderful holiday season I have just come through. It was lovely to have time off but I am ready to jump back into regular life and a regular blogging schedule. I have so many amazing things planned for 2013 with Laces and Lattes and I cannot wait to share them with you. But FIRST, […]


Christmas With Anorexia

I had a post all drafted up for today, but I threw it out the window in lieu of something else much more important. Christmas seems to be a loaded time for many things; our tables are laden with wonderful food and our week is saturated with family events. It is a happy time. We […]

hate pictures

Awkward Family Photos: The Kuepfer Edition

It all began about 5 months ago. My mother waited anxiously until dessert to ask. “I want to do family pictures for a Christmas card.” There was stifled silence. See – we have all lived through this before. It is not just family pictures in our household. It is months of agonizing over colour schemes, […]


Jar of Hearts

Christmas dredges up a lot of different feelings for me and I have to say I am relieved. For a very long time, I have not felt much regarding Jolene; people ask how I am doing and the answer is fine. I am not lying. I am. I have had this discussion often with my […]