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Chase the Coyote

I have managed to make it to Wednesday. Not to be dramatic or anything, but this is the first time I have ever attempted to go caffeine-free. I will be honest, I am addicted and the headaches are not fun but I have been getting some SOLID nights of sleep because I am not fuelling with “liquid sleep” to get through busy evenings. If you just tuned in now, you can read this post to see what this no-coffee madness means.

Caffeinated days

Caffeinated days

To get my mind off caffeine deprivation, let’s talk races. Specifically the type of races that I like. Although I love the hype of big races, I am a huge fan of the small, independent races. I like the community feel and the unique prizes. I like the fact that they are often hidden gems in the running community and I often feel like a running hipster, trying to protect them before they go mainstream.

The Endurrun is one of those races. (Don’t run the whole thing yet! I want to in 2016…) I am racing stage 7 this weekend and I love the food, the family feel and the people at the races.

Another race that I have stumbled upon that I really don’t want to tell you about called Chase the Coyote. Probably one of the coolest race concepts I have ever seen, it has layers of fun for your enjoyment.

The race: Held in Orangeville, ON, it is a gorgeous trail race offering two different distances depending on your level of comfort on trails.

The Sprint: An easy, non-technical 5.7 km course to test out this whole trail running thing or to get your FASTEST trail race ever.

The Challenge: As challenging as the race directors could possibly make it full of cliff sides, roller coaster single track, slopes and stairs and the occasional vista (but you won’t be stopping for it anyways.)

Here is where things get crazy and they start speaking my language. Sign up for the Time Challenge and any male that can complete the 14.4 km loop in under an hour and any female who can do it in less than 70 minutes will receive a special “I Beat the Coyote” prize to be revealed on race day. Also, they introduced some shiny new medals this year and I don’t know about you, but I am excited to have this one join my collection:


When: Saturday, September 27, 2014

Where: Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

Details: Early bird pricing ($40 for Challenge, $35 for sprint) ends on August 31. Next level pricing is $45/$40)

Whether you are there to chase the coyote or to beat the coyote, this race is stark, raving awesome. I am planning on heading up to the course before the race to test it out and I would be happy to have you join me. Email me at lacesandlattes[a] if you have any questions.

What is your favourite race and why?
Ever given up caffeine for an extended period of time? How did you cope?!

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Day In the Life

I am nosy sometimes. I love when people do blog posts showing what they do in an average, simple day because so often we use blogging and social media to show the very best of ourselves and not the quiet, simple moments that make up most of the time in between.

So I thought I would do a Day in the Life post as well to show you what happens when I am not running races, graduating and doing exceptional weekend things. I chose the most mundane of weekdays – simple, middle of the week road Wednesday.

This is exactly what went down on Wednesday, October 17, 2012, documented through my Smartphone. 


5:30 – alarm

5:40 – got out of bed

6:00 – arrive at gym. (Yes – I literally roll out of bed and go to the gym…)

I drink my pre-workout energizer and hop on the bike!

6:15 – Cycle and Strength class begins

7:00 am – class ends.

Depressingly, the world is still black and rainy.

7:15 – arrive home, shower and head down to the kitchen, more often than not, to this:

Morning coffee is a source of drama in our household. My sisters and I are early risers –  all up before 7 am and Megan is often the first one to make coffee. My mother is not a morning person and makes a beeline for the coffee maker, pouring out the old coffee and preparing a new batch. Except, in her morning haze, she has thrown out Megan’s steaming hot pot a few too many mornings and now every. single. morning, Megan creates a sign to mark her coffee territory. I pour myself a cup while rolling my eyes and get down to business.

I take a spoonful of this every morning. (It helps me recover from workouts because Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory.)

I eat an omelette at least three mornings a week.

7:45 am: Get dressed for work and make lunch.

I normally have about three or four bags of stuff that I need to take with me every morning. It is one of the perks of living far away from everything, but I have gotten very efficient at being prepared for whatever comes and normally have it with me. I have become the best packer ever!

8:15 – hop in my car for the morning commute to the office. It is about a 45 minute drive but I love it! I spend it sipping coffee and listening to books on CD.

8:50 – arrive at the office.

I love this big mirror leading up to our office. It gives me a change to make sure I don’t have toothpaste on my face or toilet paper on my shoe before getting to work!

9: 00 – sit at desk.

[Insert work here]

11 am – Latte Break! (I’m Laces and Lattes, what do you expect?)

2 am – Took a late lunch today! Didn’t whip my camera out at the office (for obvious reasons), but I have amazing coworkers and have a blast at lunch sharing our favourite books and movies and races…yes – there are other runners in the office!

I always eat leftovers for lunch because almost nobody in my house likes them. I just grab whatever was for dinner the night before and make a salad or something out of it.
Kale salad with sausage and mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. Woo!

2:30- back to work.

This conversation happened somewhere during the day. *See amazing coworkers.

4 pm – left work early today because I needed to lead Cross Country Practice at the University.

After a short run, I hopped into the car and headed to teach my 6:30 pm Glide to Glam class.

Scarfed an apple while driving. I eat way too many of my meals in my car..

6:30 – teach Glide to Glam class, which is like a boot camp with gliding discs under your feet. Such an amazing workout!

7:30 – class ends and I head home.

8:00 pm – arrive home to an amazing dinner with my parents.

and some chocolate – obviously…

9 pm – crawl into bed and do some reading and devotions.

I use the plan – She Reads Truth – which is found on my side bar if you are interested.

I was in bed before 10 pm because I am up again at 5:30 for a yoga class in the morning. I do not always pack it in this early on a week night – for instance, tonight I am at the Greening Sacred Spaces Water Event and then going to see a movie with friends, but you can get a sense of a regular day in the life. I LOVE to be busy.

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What does an average day hold for you?