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DNF and Cornstarch – What I Learned in My First Two Races of 2014

It was a dark, cold night after the Re-frigee-eighter. Our Health + Performance group was standing around our coach to hear what the workout was for the evening. Before we began, he asked who raced that weekend and what their times were. There was a lull in the conversation and I blurted out “I DIDN’T […]


National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a refreshing weekend! I had a busy weekend preparing to go to Florida this week, volunteering for the House of Friendship’s Potato Blitz and running my first race of the season! (Recap will be up here soon). Although I am looking forward to heading into a week of […]

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Christmas Recap

We made it through Christmas, folks. I hope that you have emerged from your turkey coma and are looking towards celebrating the new year! This morning, I spent some quality time at the gym before getting started on my day. It had been almost 2 weeks since I was at my home gym and it […]


Why Technology Connects Us

I come from a family that is always on the move.  Whether it is snowboarding, rock climbing, off roading, hiking, swimming or a myriad of other sports, we are constantly exploring, discovering and surging onward. Being raised to be in motion, we find more and more that we are together less and less. We have […]


The Definition of Insanity and other weekend adventures.

I just returned from a fabulous weekend away with my family. We were all sitting around the table for dinner one evening and Max (my sister’s fiance) remarked how ridiculous it is that we need to drive 3 hours away in order to all be together as a family. We all agreed, but it is […]