Fanny packs and knee highs

I think every runner has an allegiance to a certain running store. Well, at least I have an allegiance to a certain running store.

Indeed. Runner’s Choice is MY choice.

I sound like a bad infomercial, but there is a reason behind this proclamation of adoration.

Today, I walked into the store from the pouring rain to buy my compression socks. Yes. Not only am I going to be wearing my hydration belt , but I am wearing…

TA–DAAAA! The miraculous compression socks.

Someone had her own opinions on a $40 pair of “knee highs”

You may say fanny pack and knee highs, I say hydration belt and compression socks.

I actually did a ton of research on the socks and it looks like they actually are really effective. I will let you know in my race recap, but I am hoping for some magic because my knee is still killing me. Icing, Advilling and Epson Salting my way though the days.

Anyways, this is a ridiculously long digression, but I speak fluent Rabbit Trail. So why do I love Runner’s Choice? Well, I train with their trail running group which pushes me harder on the hills and further on the trails. The people are awesome and have helped me prepare so much. And when I walk into their store, chances are I know them from one of my running groups or races. I get a sweet discount because I train with them and all I need to do is say I need a shoe and they head to the back and come out with a box. They know my running style and host of “special needs” ;) and let’s face it, they are awesome.

I picked up some GU chomps and Shot Bloks for the race as well because I hate eating when I run, but I will need to keep my stores up or it is game over.

I am also popping Zinc and Echinacea tablets every day to keep my immune system in tip top shape.

And now I will leeway into something that has nothing to do with running for my some of my poor readers that couldn’t care less…

The French Club.

Tonight after class I walked across campus with my professor to McGuiness to meet the French Club. It is a casual setting where we can practice French with fluent speakers. I sat across from my TA and we talked music over nachos. We are swapping mixed CD’s in Fridays Oral Lab. My french is improving and I am slowly getting more confident. It still alarms me that I can swear fluently or make rude comments better then I can make casual conversation. I guess we all learn at different speeds. . .

Anyways, I have become the Queen of Procrastination here. I have been home for 2 hrs and I have yet to start homework.

Run Strong.

My Lifestyle

I have always been slightly envious of my sister. She is beautiful, strong, smart and healthy- and she has never, ever mistreated her body and only treated it with care. She has always eaten exactly what she wants, but remains active and healthy.

I, on the other hand, have not always treated my body with the respect it deserved. When I was in high school, my steady diet included McDonalds, cheese, cookies and Pepsi. When my youngest sister became anorexic, I changed drastically as well. I fell to below 90 pds, which is significant as I am almost 5’8.

I took my life back, however, and now am healthy and fit, not too big and not too small. I have found my Goldilocks lifestyle.

How do I maintain this? Well. I have been blessed to be raised in a family where this is a common sunday afternoon activity:

Or swimming in our pool all afternoon. Or snowboarding in the winter.
Or this: (but we won’t get into that)…

I have been raised on wind surfing, waterskiing, snow boarding, wake boarding, rock climbing, dancing, running, and sports. And I am grateful. It is where I gleaned my love for running and what motivates me to train for my half marathon this fall.

Food is a touchy subject in our household because I was anorexic and my sister still is. NO ONE in our house voices it when they have a fat day and we never diet at our house. I believe it is good, I am just sad it only came about through tragedy. I eat quite a bit because I train very hard- I run almost every day, not including all the other activities I do.
Some of my favourite foods are Starbucks lattes with honey, all natural peanut butter, my mom’s fresh whole wheat bread, gooey brownies, corn on the cob, the occasional burger and sweet potato fries.
I eat everything- sometimes too much, sometimes too little, but the way I see it- that is being alive.

This past weekend, I was talking to one of my best friends who is an exchange student from France. I was telling her (over my soulvaki and french fries) that I was not getting much sleep that weekend and eating really really REALLY poorly.

She looked at me and said in the way that only French people can: (as if I was absolutely dim)
“But that is LIFE!”

Thank you, my dear friend, for reminding me that enjoying oneself is LIFE! I intend to live it.