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Fit Snap and the Canyon

A big hello from Arizona! I have been here for the week and have been enjoying every second of soaking up the sun and having a few adventures. I have been doing a lot of hiking while I am here because I am still doing athletic therapy for my achilles injury, so I am taking […]


The massage therapist who didn’t give a massage

One thing I am finding out about myself as I grow into my adult life is that I don’t trust my decisions enough. I am still learning everything there is to know about me as an adult. I knew me pretty well as a teenager, but there is nothing like belly flopping into the real […]


chasing the footprints of those better than me.

Happy Monday, one and all! I hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine. I spent as much time as possible outside, soaking up that amazing sun! On Friday, I hinted that I went shopping for a something that I had been waiting for over a year for. Which means I am now on instagram!┬áIt […]