Book Review – Health Food Junkies by Steven Bratman

Alright friends, we are finally back to regular blogging schedule! On Wednesday, I try and touch on something nutrition related and this week, we are chatting about my book review for March. For those of you who are new readers, one of my goals for 2014 is to read a book relating to the blog […]


An Ode to Fat

It’s time to have a little chat about something that the average runner does not like to think about during their off-season and is fled from by most in general. Fat.  Fat has gotten a terrible rap  historically. Even worse that the knocking that carbs have gotten over the last couple of years. I am […]


Dealing with Hunger after a Long Run

It seems to defy all science, but most runners who complete a long distance run or complete an endurance race such as a marathon are not hungry after the run.  There was a particularly bad scenario in 2010, when I raced a 30 KM in Toronto. I finished, checked my time and curled into the car […]


Putting the Quest Nutrition Bar to the Test

The one downside about having a commute for work is that I am in my car a lot of the time. Inevitably, I am driving to see friends, going to late work events or teaching a class and I didn’t prepare enough food. I have tried quite a few things from just buying it as […]


CEP Compression Winner and an Off-Season Begins!

This past weekend, I completed my final race of the season. I have never said that sentence with absolute certainty before, but after a year of solid training, racing and physical gains, I know it is time to take a rest before tackling another huge year or racing. 2014 is the biggest athletic year for […]


Protein Pancakes

I really don’t know how protein has done it but it has somehow remained the only unsullied macronutrient on the market. Fat was kiboshed decades ago and the rise of the Atkins diet has left carbs as the enemy. Protein is the invisible middle child of sorts that has escaped the crosshairs of nutritional skeptics […]

More info on the project to be seen on my upcoming post for A\J. Don't worry, I will be sharing!!

Why Running Helps if You Dine at Eigensinn Farm

One of the best things about being an athlete is the appetite that is attached to it. It merits texts from friends along the lines of “I need to know if you are planning on camping this weekend so I can make sure we have enough food.” Or like this weekend after completing a 100 […]

the race

Half Marathon: The Endurrun – Stage 1

Ok. So we have looked at what to expect while preparing for a half marathon, but what happens the morning of the race when your alarm goes off and it is GO TIME? I have decided to frame the discussion around a race that I did last weekend, Stage 1 of the Endurrun. Although large […]


Pre Race Preparation for a Half Marathon

    A half marathon is one of the most popular distances in the running community. 21.1 km is long enough to get into a running groove and feel a proper distance, but also short enough to be a good foray into the world of distance running and know that within a couple hours or […]

...followed by a gun video game...we may have been angry that our friend is moving to BC.

July Goal Check in and 5 More!

Happy Holiday Monday! Part of me hopes you are no where near a computer to read this and are exploring or taking a nap somewhere (two equally important holiday things). But since you are hear, I will try and make it worthwhile. This past weekend has flown by. I knocked a few important things off […]