Killing Achilles Tenosynovitis

This week will mark almost 2 months of no running for me. Well, let me qualify that – 2 months of not training hard. I have been running, but I have not been able to just leave the house, find a trail and GO. Trust me, it is absolutely nothing of my own doing! Why […]

Dynamic Warm Ups

Apparently you guys have shin splints. I understand your pain. This week, I have a wretched knee injury which came from too much trail running and too little stretching; a small little nudge from my knee went very quickly from “It’s nothing” to “OMGIamdying” pain in short order. My bad. So I have been proofing the […]



I have been getting some emails lately regarding injury, especially related to running. It is unavoidable if you are engaged in a sport, especially if you are just starting out or are increasing your training volume or intensity. But there is a bright side to injury. After last cross country season, I had an IT […]