Part 2: It Band Syndrome – Treatment and Therapy

Well hello friends! What a weekend it has been. I apologize for spamming your instagram feed all weekend with pictures of the race weekend in Toronto but I had so. much. fun! I will post an official recap of the race along with my official race time. For right now, it’s time to dig back […]


Yoga for Runners

Good morning, friends! How was your weekend? I had a fabulous and glowing return to running, renewed my CPR and spent some much needed time with friends! Last week, I had the pleasure to be involved in the first session of a Yoga for Runners workshop held at Urban Wellness Studio. The location is a […]


Breathing Patterns and Running

A couple weeks ago, I was working with my physiotherapist and he was barking orders while I ran on a treadmill. “Keep your left foot 1/2 cm to the left.” “Get rid of that toe strike on your right foot!” “Midfoot on the left.” I was thinking so hard about running properly that I felt […]


A.M vs P.M Training

Well hello there! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and are ready to get back at it this week! I spent the weekend in Toronto at a work conference, visiting some friends and having lunch with these fabulous ladies. Only with these ladies will the lunch time conversation revolve around race schedules, training plans […]

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Genuine Health Giveaway – CLOSED

Hello there! It has been a crazy week so far – it is the first week back to the regular grind and normal training schedule and I feel as if I have been playing catch up! Now that I am back to my regular training schedule to prep for racing this year, it is more […]


For The Days You Don’t Want To Run

I thought I would use the rest of the week to tackle some of the common running questions that I get from you. The problem is, they are good questions, which means I have a long answer (per usual) and split them into two posts.  Today’s question: Do you ever have days that you just don’t want to […]


Time Management When Training

This past week, I received this tweet:   Unfortunately, the answer cannot fit in 140 characters, so this post was born. Simply put, it is hard. I love to be busy, connected and have a problem with the concept that NO is a complete sentence so I am constantly running around when I should be […]


When a Run isn’t Fun

This may come as a shock to you, but I don’t feel like running every time I go on a run. To be honest, the days that I want to bail out are rare and often the laziness occurs after I have started. All it takes is one, niggling thought: I don’t want to do this. […]


Best Sleeping Positions for Runners

Let’s talk sleep. We all know that we need it and that we should probably get about 8 hours of it a night. Recently, however, I was talking about sleep with my sports therapist and she suggested that it is possible to sleep WRONG. Now, most people will wake up with a sore neck, feel […]


Why I Chose a Running Coach

There comes a point when this doesn’t cut it anymore:   I love to go, but I also want to go FAST. Unfortunately, training on the back country roads is not as motivating as it should be for my tempo and interval workouts. I had taken a break from training with a group after graduating, […]