Part 2: It Band Syndrome – Treatment and Therapy

Well hello friends! What a weekend it has been. I apologize for spamming your instagram feed all weekend with pictures of the race weekend in Toronto but I had so. much. fun! I will post an official recap of the race along with my official race time. For right now, it’s time to dig back […]

June Goal Check-in and 5 More for July

Happy Holiday Monday, everyone! It is crazy to believe that we are already into the summer, but I am determined to soak up every bit of it! Right now, I am most likely on a beach or running the trails; soaking up, indeed! The beginning of every month is also a time to check in […]

The fur child and I

March Goals

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine consisted of a bit of work, a bit of reading and a lot of good food.                        (Sorry. Dad joke) It is the beginning of March which means I am taking a look at what I tried to do in February and make some goals […]


the reason i am 80 on the inside

It is a fact universally acknowledged by my loved ones that I shut down at 10 pm. Of course this can be mildly mitigated by caffeine consumption (or ferociously depending on amount consumed..). Regardless, I stop making complete sense and stop talking as much. (Some have commented that this is their favourite time of the […]