Full of surprises and hurt


My fitness classes are important to me.

They should be fun. Full of surprises. And hurt. [Just a little.]

I spend a lot of time making sure that I have fresh content like Oil Riggers in Pilates, a new kettle bell sequence in my boot camp or add a bender ball to my glider class. But no other class gets more deep and devoted attention and care than my spin class. Why? Because I can play so many different types of music. Every week, my spin attendees throw out guesses as to what the theme is that week. (Yes, each class is themed.)

This week caused a bit of confusion.


Every Monday night is my theme unveiling night. This week, I was met with a quizzical look from a woman in the back. “Why do you have that thing on your head?”

Lady. Please. You have been to most of my classes. A better question is why WOULDN’T I have this thing on my head?

I kindly just replied: “Because. It is almost St Patricks Day.”

“No it’s not!” A member of the Waterloo Cycling Club piped up. “It is next week.”


Pretty sure it is Sunday, folks. But I left them with the promise that I would do the same class next week. I have never done a class repeat. It makes me a bit twitchy to be honest.

Regardless. I am your St Patty’s Pre-Party!


Best climbing song on this list goes to U2:

And most emotional song goes to Enya:

Why am I getting all emotional to Enya? Because I am leaving one of my jobs to take a management position in advertising and marketing with another company. Life is all about change, but I suck at it.


What is your favourite pump up song?


Fitness Friday: the only place you can look normal with neon padded shorts

Hey everyone. It’s the almost WEEKEND!

Fridays are always very full for me. I get up at 4 am and teach two classes before heading into the office. I don’t mind the early wake up, because my first class of the day is spin, which leads me to the blog theme today…


Teaching spin is my absolute favourite class. I think it is a natural progression because I love running and spinning and probably the closest to it that I teach. It also is the only class I teach that is a co-ed group, which is fun because it brings a different dynamic to the group. Men, by and large, are not afraid of belting out the chorus to the “Eye of the Tiger” while doing a hill climb, which helps any new class members to relax into the rhythm on the song and stop glancing nervously around the room.

I love that I can wear a microphone. Most of my other classes, I am left yelling to the back of the room.

I have the most fun with the music of this class. Rhythm is so important when cycling and I spend a few hours every weekend plotting out my next playlist. What rhythm works best for a sprint vs a hill climb? I also run each playlist by Jesse – not to see if he likes it, but to talk through the class before I do it. Any given Sunday, you will see me blasting a tinny version of “I Get Knocked Down” and announcing when each jump is while Jesse looks on, mildly interested. Each week is a different theme, I have done 90’s playlists, hill climb playlists, songs that get stuck in your head playlists (they hate me after that one..) etc.

It is the only place you can look normal walking in with neon padded shorts on. I have nothing more to expand on that one. Other than the fact that I have a few that are just so bad…in a good way.

For those of you who are non-gym goers, spinning is a stationary bike, group full of expectant people, and a fierce instructor. You go through a series of hills, sprints and jumps. You can alter your position whether you are standing or seated and the intensity with the resistance dial. It is easy to pick up, fun to do and brings a feeling of camaraderie to the group. Reasons why it is good for you is it allows you to breathe deeply, stretch your shoulders that are hunched all day long, sweat out toxins and develop muscular and cardiovascular strength. Don’t like your first one? Don’t despair – find another instructor, buy some padded shorts and bring a towel.

A Class with me

Old advert...I don't teach Thursday nights anymore.

Old advert…I don’t teach Thursday nights anymore.

To give you an idea of what a normal class looks for me, this was my playlist for the past week:

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 3.56.57 PM

And yes, the theme of the week is Jock Rock. To celebrate the Leaf’s semi-triumphant return even though I never watch hockey and don’t really care…

Here is what we are doing:

1. Warm up
2. Stretches and warm up
3. Increase rhythm and work alternating legs
4. Climb
5. Sprint
6. Active Recovery
7. Run (standing up on the bike)
8. Tabata Sprints (20 s on, 10 s off)
9. Run/Hover at chorus
10. Active recovery
11. Jumps. I split them into teams and make them compete.
12. seated verse, standing chorus
13. Rolling Hills Climb (2 steps forward, one step back)
14. Active Recovery
15. Pyramid Climb
16. Fast, light spinning and stretches
17. Stretches off bike.

And that’s a wrap. :)

Want to go to a spin class? Here is something to read before you go: 9 ways to maximize your ride. 

Have a wonderful weekend! I am doing lots of prep for my sister’s wedding. We have her bridal shower this evening, a bridal show tomorrow and a dinner party on Sunday. See you all on Monday!

Spin Class. Love or hate?

Photo on 2012-10-16 at 20.19 #2

Day In the Life

I am nosy sometimes. I love when people do blog posts showing what they do in an average, simple day because so often we use blogging and social media to show the very best of ourselves and not the quiet, simple moments that make up most of the time in between.

So I thought I would do a Day in the Life post as well to show you what happens when I am not running races, graduating and doing exceptional weekend things. I chose the most mundane of weekdays – simple, middle of the week road Wednesday.

This is exactly what went down on Wednesday, October 17, 2012, documented through my Smartphone. 


5:30 – alarm

5:40 – got out of bed

6:00 – arrive at gym. (Yes – I literally roll out of bed and go to the gym…)

I drink my pre-workout energizer and hop on the bike!

6:15 – Cycle and Strength class begins

7:00 am – class ends.

Depressingly, the world is still black and rainy.

7:15 – arrive home, shower and head down to the kitchen, more often than not, to this:

Morning coffee is a source of drama in our household. My sisters and I are early risers –  all up before 7 am and Megan is often the first one to make coffee. My mother is not a morning person and makes a beeline for the coffee maker, pouring out the old coffee and preparing a new batch. Except, in her morning haze, she has thrown out Megan’s steaming hot pot a few too many mornings and now every. single. morning, Megan creates a sign to mark her coffee territory. I pour myself a cup while rolling my eyes and get down to business.

I take a spoonful of this every morning. (It helps me recover from workouts because Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory.)

I eat an omelette at least three mornings a week.

7:45 am: Get dressed for work and make lunch.

I normally have about three or four bags of stuff that I need to take with me every morning. It is one of the perks of living far away from everything, but I have gotten very efficient at being prepared for whatever comes and normally have it with me. I have become the best packer ever!

8:15 – hop in my car for the morning commute to the office. It is about a 45 minute drive but I love it! I spend it sipping coffee and listening to books on CD.

8:50 – arrive at the office.

I love this big mirror leading up to our office. It gives me a change to make sure I don’t have toothpaste on my face or toilet paper on my shoe before getting to work!

9: 00 – sit at desk.

[Insert work here]

11 am – Latte Break! (I’m Laces and Lattes, what do you expect?)

2 am – Took a late lunch today! Didn’t whip my camera out at the office (for obvious reasons), but I have amazing coworkers and have a blast at lunch sharing our favourite books and movies and races…yes – there are other runners in the office!

I always eat leftovers for lunch because almost nobody in my house likes them. I just grab whatever was for dinner the night before and make a salad or something out of it.
Kale salad with sausage and mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. Woo!

2:30- back to work.

This conversation happened somewhere during the day. *See amazing coworkers.

4 pm – left work early today because I needed to lead Cross Country Practice at the University.

After a short run, I hopped into the car and headed to teach my 6:30 pm Glide to Glam class.

Scarfed an apple while driving. I eat way too many of my meals in my car..

6:30 – teach Glide to Glam class, which is like a boot camp with gliding discs under your feet. Such an amazing workout!

7:30 – class ends and I head home.

8:00 pm – arrive home to an amazing dinner with my parents.

and some chocolate – obviously…

9 pm – crawl into bed and do some reading and devotions.

I use the plan – She Reads Truth – which is found on my side bar if you are interested.

I was in bed before 10 pm because I am up again at 5:30 for a yoga class in the morning. I do not always pack it in this early on a week night – for instance, tonight I am at the Greening Sacred Spaces Water Event and then going to see a movie with friends, but you can get a sense of a regular day in the life. I LOVE to be busy.

Two more days left on my giveaway! Enter now to win one of my favourite books!

What does an average day hold for you?