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In Medias Res

Well THAT was fun. I find there is always an element of terror involved when you attempt to pull off a large event. This weekend, the bridal party held the Stag and Doe for my sister and her financĂ©.We made it through the evening without too many casualties and we even made them some money. […]


Full of surprises and hurt

My fitness classes are important to me. They should be fun. Full of surprises. And hurt. [Just a little.] I spend a lot of time making sure that I have fresh content like Oil Riggers in Pilates, a new kettle bell sequence in my boot camp or add a bender ball to my glider class. […]


Fitness Friday: the only place you can look normal with neon padded shorts

Hey everyone. It’s the almost WEEKEND! Fridays are always very full for me. I get up at 4 am and teach two classes before heading into the office. I don’t mind the early wake up, because my first class of the day is spin, which leads me to the blog theme today… Teaching spin is […]

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Day In the Life

I am nosy sometimes. I love when people do blog posts showing what they do in an average, simple day because so often we use blogging and social media to show the very best of ourselves and not the quiet, simple moments that make up most of the time in between. So I thought I […]