Running in the Winter

Well hello there! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I had more a of a low-key one as I spent a lot of time getting writing done and spending time with friends and family. Last week was my first training session with my new coach. It was a fabulous group of local athletes and […]

genuine health

Genuine Health Giveaway – CLOSED

Hello there! It has been a crazy week so far – it is the first week back to the regular grind and normal training schedule and I feel as if I have been playing catch up! Now that I am back to my regular training schedule to prep for racing this year, it is more […]

The Importance of Cross Training for Runners

It is easy to get caught up in your training plan and forget that you can do an activity outside of running. Tempo run on Tuesday, Hills on Wednesday, Long Run on Sunday, and on the list goes. But what happens when you start feeling those niggling pains and muscle tightness? If you are anything […]


Pre Race Preparation for a Half Marathon

    A half marathon is one of the most popular distances in the running community. 21.1 km is long enough to get into a running groove and feel a proper distance, but also short enough to be a good foray into the world of distance running and know that within a couple hours or […]


The Definition of Insanity and other weekend adventures.

I just returned from a fabulous weekend away with my family. We were all sitting around the table for dinner one evening and Max (my sister’s fiance) remarked how ridiculous it is that we need to drive 3 hours away in order to all be together as a family. We all agreed, but it is […]


A Giveaway: Pave It Forward

Not too long ago, Pavement Runner decided that he had too many books. He bought a new one that was so great that he needed to share it and thus, the Pave It Forward Giveaway¬†was formed. The premise is simple: win the book, read the book, review the book, and give it away to another […]