Is Trail Running Becoming Too Commercialized?

I began trail running in 2010 which seems to be around the time that most runners discovered this unusual sport. For me, I began running trails because one of my 60 year old coworkers at the time was a trail runner and he told me I hadn’t run a race until I ran a trail […]

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Competition in Trail Running

Top of the morning to you! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are ready for your last full week of work before the holidays. This weekend, I said goodbye to the snow and headed to sunny Arizona to hike some trails, visit some friends and trek the Canyon with my dad. Today […]


Should Kids Be Allowed To Run Ultras?

As an early twenty something, I get a lot of advice from other people who have lived longer than me. Most of the time, it is quite welcome, as I have never done this whole thing before and having people weigh in with their own experiences is enlightening and relatively helpful. However, I find lines […]

Efficiency fail

Is there too much emphasis on ultra-distances in trail running media?

Raise your hand if you are a competitive runner. I have been known to be photographed running with those horrid “knife hands” (you know the ones…) and wear a look of intense focus and an alarmingly fierce expression when racing. Unfortunately, when it comes to race¬†distances,¬†I am just as competitive but it stops being with […]

June Goal Check-in and 5 More for July

Happy Holiday Monday, everyone! It is crazy to believe that we are already into the summer, but I am determined to soak up every bit of it! Right now, I am most likely on a beach or running the trails; soaking up, indeed! The beginning of every month is also a time to check in […]