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In Medias Res

Well THAT was fun. I find there is always an element of terror involved when you attempt to pull off a large event. This weekend, the bridal party held the Stag and Doe for my sister and her financé.We made it through the evening without too many casualties and we even made them some money. […]

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Staying Grounded

Happy Monday, lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and are recharged and ready to take on the world this week! My weekend started on a bad note. On Friday, I picked up our Creative Director and headed to Toronto for a morning conference. I have been logging a lot of hours […]


Running With Friends (How to Avoid a 127 Hours Incident)

Happy Monday, one and all! I had a weekend of running! I have run for the past 8 years or so mainly solo. I have run with local trail teams and varsity through university, but I seemed to thrive on hitting the trail, freeways and sidewalks alone without leaving notes or letting my friends and family know […]


100 Miles of Wild Recap

A big thank you to all of you were so patient as I pressed a giant reset button and took a few weeks off of blogging to go on the Trek and get organized when I returned. This past Friday night, I spent that majority of the evening unpacking, organizing and going over the financial […]

How to Liven up an Exercise Class..

Happy Monday, one and all. I am tiiiired. This weekend, I was in Burlington and Vaughan for continuing education in fitness instruction. 15 hours of working out later, I am certifed to teach Aqua, Bootcamp, Body Sculpt, Step, and Kickboxing. Speaking of step, I was just thinking of modelling my classes after this: Literally one of […]

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Living outside of the lines

So if you follow Laces and Lattes on Facebook, you will know I didn’t sleep much last week. Starting a new job and switching my schedule around means extra stress and a few too many 4 am mornings for my taste. You will also know I buy things when I am tired. So the fact […]


chasing the footprints of those better than me.

Happy Monday, one and all! I hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine. I spent as much time as possible outside, soaking up that amazing sun! On Friday, I hinted that I went shopping for a something that I had been waiting for over a year for. Which means I am now on instagram! It […]

Taught a couple disco sway spin classes on Saturday

Weekend Recap in Photos

Hey gang! I waited till tonight to do this post because it was a perfect looong weekend and I fit as much into it as I possibly could. Friday night, I worked late and met Jesse at Verses for a belated Valentine’s Day meal. That boy certainly knows how to turn on the charm – […]


The Definition of Insanity and other weekend adventures.

I just returned from a fabulous weekend away with my family. We were all sitting around the table for dinner one evening and Max (my sister’s fiance) remarked how ridiculous it is that we need to drive 3 hours away in order to all be together as a family. We all agreed, but it is […]

Weekend Recap: An Ode to Sunday

This weekend, I was thinking a lot about downtime. As Jesse dropped me off after a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night, I asked him (with a day of work, tutoring and writing behind me) “Guess what we are doing tomorrow?” “What?” he asked, with exhaustion and a clear tinge of irritation in his voice […]