Hey friends!

It is good to be back. San Francisco was amazing and I definitely always wanted to go there.

I had quite the adventures getting to my hostel on arrival and a local found me and took my to the far end of San Fran, Fort Mason.

The hostel was delightful! There was a bright vegan café with free coffee and waffles. I met people from all over the world over breakfast.

Before I went to the cafe, however, I went to the Golden Gate Bridge. I got up before the sun and walked about 10 Km to walk across the bridge.

Here are some shots of my morning walk. (I didn’t run because I had limited travel space, so I didn’t have room for my running shoes in my carry on).

After breakfast, I headed shopping in Union Square:

Then, my touristy part of my trip was over and I boarded a plane that took me to these beautiful people in Utah

We went saw a movie, went out to eat, met Jolene’s new friends and staff and hiked through the ¬†mountains. It was a wonderful trip with some of my favourite people.

We saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choir…beautiful!

It was a wonderful trip and amazing to be a family again.

Update on Jolene:

She is doing well physical-wise. She is weight restored but her thoughts still plague her. She has eaten a piece of Pumpkin Pie which is exceptional, considering it has been 5 years since she touched desserts. It is all baby steps and will be a very long time until she can come home to us. Until then, we will surround her with love and support.

Thank you for your interest in the life of me and my family. I appreciate you all so much.

Run Strong.