Fitness Friday: Going Against the Grain

I think about you.

I really do.

In my head, you are a much more demanding audience then you are in real life and I spend my driving time thinking of what I am going to say next, especially on weeks like this one when I am feeling uninspired.

Most weeks, I have it all planned out. I know exactly what is coming up and I am excited about¬†everything.¬†But this week has not been an exciting week. Heck, it hasn’t even been a good week. And it hasn’t been the type of week that you plan out. It has been more like type of week when you go to the dentist for a referral for wisdom teeth surgery and he charges you $100 to tell you there is a bigger, more expensive issue that needs to be takencareofRIGHTNOW. And then you can get your wisdom teeth out. Not that this happened to me or anything…

I hate not being in control. I find it so ironic that last Sunday, someone stuck a video camera in my face and asked what my greatest fear was [long story] and I confidently said “Being out of control.” And then I had one of the most out of control weeks I have had in a long time.


I was going to talk to you about something else today, but part of fitness is knowing when NOT to work out.


When to take a bit of time to dust off your grumpiness, your frustration, or your weariness.

I am not great at that. So what do I do when I feel out of control and as if no matter which direction I turn, I am running against the grain?

I call Jesse.


I call a friend who has the right answer for everything. [Even if she moved to Alberta on me..]

leanneI pray.

I do something I KNOW I can’t mess up that much and if I do, it doesn’t matter, like cooking or cleaning.

I do something that focuses on someone else – like volunteering or just going to work, even if it is with a little dark cloud over my head.

I hug my mom.

And sometimes, she will look at me and say “Jessica, if you were 4 years old, I would put you down for a nap”.

So I go and sleep for a while.

Come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest. Matt 11:28

What do you do when life throws you a curveball?


  1. says

    When life throws me a curveball…

    I cry. I cry to God (and to myself). Then I pray. A lot.

    I vent to Alex.

    I eat an extensive amount of food I probably shouldn’t.

    I do something I know I can enjoy (like playing the piano).

    I hope your weekend is better than this week. I love you!

  2. says

    Great blog- I am a God, running and travel lover myself. You are a great writer, and I’ve found your posts so interesting. Hope you’ll check out my blog as well:


  3. says

    I go out into our cherry orchards to walk, breath deeply, and talk to God. I call my friend, diAnne, who is much older and wiser than I am. I distract myself by reading a book or watching a favorite show that is purely enjoyable :)

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