My fitness classes are important to me.

They should be fun. Full of surprises. And hurt. [Just a little.]

I spend a lot of time making sure that I have fresh content like Oil Riggers in Pilates, a new kettle bell sequence in my boot camp or add a bender ball to my glider class. But no other class gets more deep and devoted attention and care than my spin class. Why? Because I can play so many different types of music. Every week, my spin attendees throw out guesses as to what the theme is that week. (Yes, each class is themed.)

This week caused a bit of confusion.


Every Monday night is my theme unveiling night. This week, I was met with a quizzical look from a woman in the back. “Why do you have that thing on your head?”

Lady. Please. You have been to most of my classes. A better question is why WOULDN’T I have this thing on my head?

I kindly just replied: “Because. It is almost St Patricks Day.”

“No it’s not!” A member of the Waterloo Cycling Club piped up. “It is next week.”


Pretty sure it is Sunday, folks. But I left them with the promise that I would do the same class next week. I have never done a class repeat. It makes me a bit twitchy to be honest.

Regardless. I am your St Patty’s Pre-Party!


Best climbing song on this list goes to U2:

And most emotional song goes to Enya:

Why am I getting all emotional to Enya? Because I am leaving one of my jobs to take a management position in advertising and marketing with another company. Life is all about change, but I suck at it.


What is your favourite pump up song?